Vicky Sayers


Mark Johnson has been a business and financial journalist for 20 years and has worked for some of the world’s best known financial media firms including the BBC Business Unit, Bloomberg TV and Dow Jones Newswires. He’s also spent time in the markets, as head of equity research at Killik & Co, a private client broker based in London and as editorial director at Markit Group.

He’s spent his career trying to make the complex and heady world of finance more accessible to a wider audience and is a keen investor in stocks himself. He wishes more young people would get involved in learning about investing and understanding how they could benefit from building their own share portfolios early in their working lives.

When he’s not looking at stocks, Mark’s also a keen cyclist, filmmaker and columnist for the Daily Telegraph, where he writes a weekly column about being an expat homeowner in SW France.

His other passions are being down the gym and enjoying real English ale, although obviously not both at the same time.