Credit touches people’s lives in so many ways, from mortgages, credit cards, car finance and loans.  Therefore it’s important that you understand the types of information used by lenders and other organisations when you make an application for credit. 

View your credit report online

At Equifax we understand how a good credit history can help in obtaining new finance. We also know that identity fraud can be a concern for some too.  That’s why we provide our customers with fast convenient access to their credit information through a variety of products.  You can check your credit history with the £2 statutory report or keep on track with your credit information with any of our subscription monitoring products, like our Equifax Credit Report and Score.

Equifax Credit Report and Score will provide you with unlimited access to both your credit report and score.  You can sign up online; the first 30 days are free and then it costs £14.95 per month to continue.  You can cancel at any time. This product also provides regular alerts to notify you of any significant changes to your credit report, as well as ID fraud monitoring and alerts.  However you want to access your credit history, Equifax has it covered. 

At Equifax we believe in helping you gain a better understanding of your credit history so that you can work towards the healthiest possible financial position for your circumstances.  To find out more about the range of Equifax products visit: www.equifax.co.uk