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Nigel Cassidy

Money Talks: How Risky is your Portfolio?

Nigel Cassidy
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Money Makers

Money Talks: How Risky is your Portfolio?
Smart investors know that risk and returns go hand in hand. But is the degree of risk you are exposed to appropriate for your time of life and investment goals? In his latest Money Talks podcast, Nigel Cassidy talks risk with Prof. Janette Rutterford of the Open University Business School, and David Miller, executive director and award-winning fund manager at Quilter Cheviot. Nigel discovers that financial risk covers far more eventualities than being defrauded or the impact of any future market meltdown. But equally, it seems just following your personal inclinations could make you overcautious with your investment decisions -- and seriously harm your future wealth.

Prof. Janette Rutterford, David Miller