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Sarah Pennells (1)

Your Money, Your Future: Ongoing Powers of Attorney

Sarah Pennells (1)
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Your Money, Your Future

Your Money, Your Future: Ongoing Powers of Attorney
A survey by the government found that 45% of people over 45 knew nothing about a lasting power of attorney and, when they were told about what it was, over 60% said they weren't interested in setting one up. An ongoing power of attorney lets you manage someone else's money when they're unable to do so. What can you do if your elderly relative is struggling to manage their own money? What are the rules if you want to open an account for your child or grandchild? Sarah Pennells is joined by David Steele, Policy Manager of Financial Services at Age UK and George McNamara, Head of Policy at the Alzheimer's Society, to discuss these issues.

David Steele, George McNamara