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Sarah Pennells (1)

Your Money, Your Future: Reviewing Your Finances

Sarah Pennells (1)
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Your Money, Your Future

Your Money, Your Future: Reviewing Your Finances
After last week’s EU Referendum result we're told that for long term investors you should sit tight. But it's also true that you shouldn't just ignore your investments and a regular financial review can keep you on track. Sarah Pennells shares some tips on how to review your finances, especially during this economically tumultuous period. Stephen Chilcott, from Addidi Wealth, debates whether it is a good time to have a financial review; while Gemma Godfrey, from, looks at rebalancing investments. Rodney Hobson, author, broadcaster and financial writer, looks at the current stock market trends.

Stephen Chilcott, Gemma Godfrey, Rodney Hobson