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Georgie Frost

This is Money: From Brexaustion to Brexcuses.

Georgie Frost
This is Money: From Brexaustion to Brexcuses.
Time again for This is Money, Financial Broadcaster of the Year Georgie Frost and Financial Website of the Year This is Money team up with NS&I to close off a turbulent week, with the best of financial advice and analysis. Yes, it has been a turbulent week, with Natwest veering towards negative rates, Santander rolling back the UK's most popular current account, and Lloyds scrapping more of their workforce. Can savers find their way through it all? Well, we'd better hope so, as the issue this week most pressing is the FCA's findings that over 5 million credit cards may never be paid off, and around 1.4 million people are barely making any repayments at all. In short, we're drowning in plastic. But the first step is educating ourselves, and this podcast is the place to start! This is Money is presented by Georgie Frost, in partnership with NS&I.

Simon Lambert, Lee Boyce