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Juliette Foster

The Weeks Update: Was the Paris climate deal enough?

Juliette Foster
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The Weeks Update on

The Weeks Update:  Was the Paris climate deal enough?
The US President Barack Obama gave his reaction to the climate change deal brokered in Paris last December. Among the headline making initiatives was the promise to keep global temperature increases below 2 degrees Celsius. Yet for some Green activists the deal was hardly a resounding success. Countries may be legally bound to have their emission reduction levels checked but there's flexibility on how they go about hitting their targets. And what about the economics of climate change? Did Paris make the link between excess human consumption and the impact on economies dependent on fossil fuels? Is it time to switch to a materialism that's environmentally friendly and economically kinder? We are joined in the studio by the author Andrew Simms of the New Economics Foundation and by Share Radio's regular economics commentator, Professor John Weeks.