Managing My Money

Welcome to Managing My Money

Glen Goodman and Annie Weston have done the impossible - they’ve made finance fun! They use humour, music and sketches to help you learn all you need to know about money. From savings to mortgages to insurance, it's all part of an official Open University course with a certificate at the end to prove how financially savvy you are.

Each week of the 8-week course has two episodes, and there's a quiz at the end of each pair of episodes, with a final test at the end of the course. Sign-up/login and monitor your progress – you can also have progress reports sent to another person. New entrants can start the course afresh each fortnight: simply choose when you listen using the broadcast schedule.

If you miss an episode, just catch up using the podcast links below. And as you listen, you can view the accompanying slides.

Finally, please remember that this course is educational guidance, not financial advice. Enjoy!

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Week 1 - Financial planning and the life journey

What is financial planning all about and why is it necessary? We examine your life journey and reveal how your personality and priorities can have a dramatic impact on your future wealth.

Week 1 Part 1 (Episode 1):   Slides   Podcast

Week 1 Part 2 (Episode 2):   Slides   Podcast

Week 2: - Income, taxation and benefits

What's the difference between income and wealth? How do you work out the size of your assets, and how are they affected by inflation? That's all in episode 3. Then we move on to tax & benefits and find out how all this fits into our personal budget planning.

Week 2, Part 1 (Episode 3):    Slides  Podcast

Week 2, Part 2 (Episode 4):    Slides   Podcast

Week 3 - Expenditure and budgeting

We look at our essential spending and how to cut back on non-essentials. We talk about putting money aside for big one-off purchases, and the ups and downs of online shopping.

Week 3, Part 1 (Episode 5):   Slides   Podcast

Week 3, Part 2 (Episode 6):   Slides   Podcast

Week 4 - Debt and borrowing

We get to grips with debt and interest payments. How are interest rates set? What is credit scoring and how do you go about borrowing money?

Week 4, Part 1 (Episode 7):   Slides   Podcast

Week 4, Part 2 (Episode 8):   Slides   Podcast

Week 5 - Savings and investments

Why save? We explain why it's important and talk you through the different savings products. What's the difference between saving and investment? It's all in the risk. We talk about shares, bonds and funds, and which perform best over the long term.

Week 5, Part 1  (Episode 9):   Slides   Podcast

Week 5, Part 2 (Episode 10):  Slides   Podcast

Week 6 - Housing and the household balance sheet

How to take out a mortgage and buy a home. What are leasehold and freehold properties? We look at all the costs involved and construct a household balance sheet to make sure you don't take on more debt than you can afford to pay back.

Week 6, Part 1 (Episode 11):    Slides    Podcast

Week 6, Part 2 (Episode 12):    Slides    Podcast

Week 7 - Pensions

Planning for a happy retirement: can you rely on the state pension or should you make your own plans? We talk about pension options and the ISA revolution.

Week 7, Part 1 (Episode 13):    Slides    Podcast

Week 7, Part 2 (Episode 14):    Slides    Podcast

Week 8 - Insurance & Final Summary

In Episode 15 we explore all the different types of insurance, and how to weigh peace of mind against the mounting costs. Finally in Episode 16 we look at everything we've learnt over the past eight weeks and prepare for the final online test to get your Open University certificate!

Week 8, Part 1 (Episode 15):    Slides    Podcast

Week 8, Part 2 (Episode 16):    Slides    Podcast