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After you first enter your email address and have activated it, you shouldn't have to enter it again - as your computer or mobile device will remember that you've signed up. It’s not unlike BBC i-Player which is also asking listeners to say who they are. Those who have already registered in full do not need to activate: just log in, please, with the email address used for your full registration.

However we are also entering everyone who signs up and activates into our fortnightly prize draw for an internet radio, pre-set for Share Radio and Share Music: so there’ll be a chance to experience one of our Ocean Digital WR-220s which respond to a simple on-off button.

Share Radio online continues to be accompanied by Share Music, its sister online station: great instrumental background music for reading, drafting or entertaining.



In a new partnership with publishers Harriman House, Share Radio has produced its first audiobook 'Superinvestors', written by Matthew Partridge and read by some of Share Radio's best known presenters: Simon Rose, Fenella Fudge, Glen Thompsett, Ed Bowsher and accomplished actor David Ricardo Pearce, whose ancestor is featured in the book.

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Prepare to say goodbye to ultra-low interest rates as inflation takes hold again 

Last week will be seen as a watershed for the UK economy, the week when this prolonged period of ultra-low interest rates starts to be drawn to a close. There are three major pointers to this: inflation figures coming in unexpectedly high at 2.9%, the easing of the public sector pay cap, and Bank of England Governor Mark Carney's guidance to financial markets to prepare for interest rate rises.

READ ON .. for our comments on preparing for some major impacts on the cost of living .. 



Here's your 100% internet Ocean Digital WR-220 radio, pre-set with both Share Radio and Share Music channels!

With access to over 15,000 more radio stations across the world.

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When you just need some relaxing background music for reading, writing or entertaining, Share Music is there with an almost unbroken flow of instrumental folk music. It's a great complement to Share Radio, and if you buy an internet radio from us you'll find both Share Radio and Share Music preset and all ready to go.

Share Music has a great mobile app, Share Music UK, which displays information on tracks played.

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Share Radio offers free apps for both Apple and Android mobile phones and tablets: download yours without delay! It's the quick and easy way to listen live or listen again, and a great way to access our substantial podcast library.



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This is Money: Can you give money away but control what happens to it?

This is Money has had a string of questions from readers looking to give away money to children or grandchildren but who also wish to protect it from being squandered or lost in a relationship break-up. Whether gifting money for house deposits, or to avoid inheritance tax, or for any other reason this is a major concern for people, especially as nowadays the sums involved can be tens or hundreds of thousands of pounds. On this week’s This is Money podcast, Simon Lambert, Rachel Rickard Straus and Georgie Frost discuss why people are worried and what they can do – if anything. Also, on the agenda this week is the ten-year anniversary of the run on Northern Rock. How has the decade that followed changed our financial lives and who have been the winners and losers.


In a new partnership with publishers Harriman House, Share Radio has produced its first audiobook 'Superinvestors', written by Matthew Partridge and read by some of Share Radio's best known presenters. 'Superinvestors' lays bare the investing secrets of legendary investors - from early 20th-century figures such as Benjamin Graham and John Maynard Keynes, through to more modern names such as Anthony Bolton and Warren Buffett.

Motley Fool Show: Is Equifax the Next Enron?

Want to keep up with the latest earnings updates from the States? Well join Chris Hill and the Motley Fool Radio Show team here on Share Radio - direct from Washington DC for news, views and analysis of the US stocks which matter. In this week show, Apple unveils its new iPhone. Target hires for the holidays. Oracle shareholders have their worst day in years. Nestle adds some caffeine. And Chipotle rolls out queso.

The Bigger Picture

In this week’s ‘Bigger Picture’ Ed Bowsher talks to Professor Tim Evans about Aung San Sui Kyi’s inaction in the face of massacres of Rohingya Muslims, and the political views of the US ‘tech titans’ such as Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook.

Business of Film: It

James Cameron-Wilson on the lacklustre UK box office, reviewing It and and Wind River, as well as bringing us the latest film news.

The Week That Was 14th September

Ed Bowsher discusses this week’s results from Next, Associated British Foods and Ashtead with Ian Forrest of The Share Centre.

Gadgets and Gizmos: VTOL flying taxis

Steve Caplin discusses everything BUT the new iPhone: Hockney designing on his iPad; the smartest fridge of all; VTOL flying taxis; wireless light switches and nomophobia (from which he suffers).

Track Record: Paul Boross

On this editon of Track Record - motivational psychologist, speaker, one-time pop star and writer, Paul Boross. He is a believer in the redemptive power of communication. He's been the team psychologist on Sky TV's School Of Hard. Knocks for the past seven years. His early career was as a musician and comedian - he led the chart-topping Morris Minor & The Majors and partnered Ainsley Harriott in the Calypso Twins. He's a Society of NLP Master Trainer and his most recent book on successful pitching is a collaboratrion with Scott Quinnell, the former rugby player, 'Leader On The Pitch'.

Talking Money: What investors need to know about VCTs in 2017 Unicorn's

In our latest Money Makers podcast we turn our attention to venture capital trusts, specialist investment vehicles which put investors’ capital to work in higher risk, early-stage businesses. VCTs, as they are known, offer significant potential tax benefits for those prepared to risk their money in this way. This year the marketing of VCTs has started earlier than normal. Why is that – and what else do potential investors need to know about the VCT market this year? Are the tax benefits worth the rewards? Chris Hutchinson, lead manager of the £150m Unicorn AIM VCT, the largest VCT specialising in AIM-listed companies, is the man on the other side of the microphone for this in-depth discussion.

IEA: How technology will help us feed the world

The IEA’s Head of Education Dr Steve Davies and News Editor Kate Andrews discuss how farming technology is revolutionising our world. Although current discussions of the future of tech tend to focus on AI, automation and robotics, Steve explains how recent advancements in farming offer solutions some of the key crises of our time – allowing us to feed an ever-growing population without compromising on economic development or environmental concerns. They also discuss some of the ongoing debates within the environmentalist movement, over these varying technologies.

The Share Foundation

How you can help young people in care prepare for adult life by supporting The Share Foundation’s ‘Stepladder of Achievement’ programme.

Love in Creation

Enjoy some of the thought pieces selected and broadcast by Share Radio, to stimulate the 'theatre of the mind'. 


Share Radio Apps

Share Radio offers free apps for both Apple and Android mobile phones and tablets: download yours without delay! It's the quick and easy way to listen live or listen again, and a great way to access our substantial podcast library.



Gavin Oldham on the future of Share Radio
Founder Gavin Oldham discusses the station's move to online and the future of Share Radio going forward.



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Internet Radio for sale

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Share Radio has put together a list of our ‘Top 5 Money Saving Apps’ to help our listeners make the most of their money.  All the apps featured here are free to download on either iphone or android devices. Read more...