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From green energy to global crisis?

Could a green energy loan in a few US states have global implications? In a special report, Matt Cox investigates the worrying whispers surrounding "PACE" loans, the effect it's had on California, and why it matters to the wider world - even us Brits across the Atlantic.

Will Article 50 derail the recovery of UK banks?

Will all the controversy around triggering Article 50 derail UK banks recovery? With HSBC shares sliding today after it announced a fall in profits of 62% from last year, there is concern that the recovery seen by some banks could be hurt by the process of the UK leaving the EU. To find out more, Matt Cox spoke to Michael Hewson, Chief Market Analyst at CMC Markets UK.

Have the Euro zone finance ministers finally solved the Greek debt crisis?

The Greek government and euro-zone finance ministers agreed a new plan for further negotiations on the Greek bailout yesterday. So what have they agreed so far and how significant is yesterday's deal? Ed was joined on the line by Iain Begg, professorial research fellow at the European Institute at the London School of Economics to find out more.

Company Casebook: Harnessing ideas with Wazoku

On Company Casebook this week Linda is visiting Wazoku - a fast expanding firm with big ideas about innovation whose software has already saved Waitrose millions of pounds by harnessing ideas about how to do things better put forward by staff, customers and other businesses they work with.

Track Record: Billy Ward - Motorcycle adventurer, businessman and IT specialist reveals the soundtrack to his career

This week on Track Record, Sue Dougan spoke to motorcycle adventurer and businessman, Billy Ward, an IT specialist who turned his passion for motorbikes into profit, after his divorce.

Your Money Your Future: Making money from your property

Over the last few weeks there's been a lot of focus on housing and older people, with the government's White Paper on housing looking at ways to encourage older people to downsize. But not everyone wants to sell up. Last year people released over £2 billion of equity from their homes. So, how can you make money from your property? What are the options and what do you have to bear in mind?

Women & Money: Children's car seats

On March 1st the rules on child car seats change. You won't be able to buy a backless booster seat unless your child is at least 125cm tall or weighs at least 22 kg. Buying a car seat for your child - and buying things like a buggy or pushchair - can also be something of a minefield. 

Gadgets & Gizmos: The World's First Robot Lawyer

On today's programme, Share Radio's Simon Rose and Steve Caplin, Share Radio's technology editor, look at the world's first robot lawyer, which can get you out of parking tickets, ticketclever.com which automatically finds best train fares, Amazon to build Alexa into cars & much more!


This is Money: Paying More With Less

We’ve had a few stats to digest this week with inflation continuing to rise, now up 1.8%, whilst employment remains at record highs according to the ONS. Behind the figures though we’re hearing much of this is based on freelance and zero-hours work with both salaries and interest rates failing to keep pace with the cost of living. With all this spelling disaster for savers there’s been a few interesting additions to Money Mail’s Best Buy table this week. Joining Georgie Frost to go through the options is Editor Simon Lambert and Personal Finance Editor Rachel Rickard Straus.

Movies & Money: Funny money

Movies and Money is Share Radio’s look at the world of film. Phil Scott joined Share Radio's Simon Rose for a look at money related themes in a variety of comedy films throughout the years.

Serious Money with Claer Barrett: Fifteen legitimate ways to cut your tax bills

On this edition, Claer and Share Radio's Robyn Dwyer talked about the possibility of TripAdvisor introducing a service for tenants' feedback on properties. Plus, Claer talked about fifteen legal advices on how to cut tax bills. Finally a look at Merryn Somerset Webb's article on Personal Contact Purchases (PCP) car finance.

Emerging Opportunities: Adapting to Trump's diplomacy

In two weeks President Trump has been abandoning key trade agreements, threatening trade wars from China to Mexico, while cosying on the phone with Vladimir Putin - hours later, pro-Russian forces are fighting the army in Ukraine. Trump also attempted to block all visits to the US for any nationals from a group seven Muslim countries, blowing away all hope for Iran - one of the seven - breaking free from decades of sanctions, as he declared Iran the world's No. 1 terrorist state. So, how to make sense of the impact from all of that on the rest of the world?

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