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W/C Comment
10th December Fixed currencies – putting continents in crisis
3rd December Après moi, le déluge
26th November Markets under pressure – how well is UK prepared?
19th November Rome wasn't built - or left - in a day
12th November Why are we susceptible to demagoguery?
5th November Time for a new referendum – in Europe, not the United Kingdom
29th October Convergent action for disadvantaged young people
22nd October Why is trust in finance, business & politics so low? 
15th October  Why are post-Brexit borders an issue for Ireland when they're clearly not a problem for France?
8th October Is this the turning point? 
ist October McDonnell and Unilever share the same cynical disregard for individual rights
24th September Artificially Unintelligent – the challenge to employment and competition
17th September Disrupting, like a commercial hurricane
10th September Moderate politicians take note: the middle-ground electorate is not just Remainers & ‘Tax & Spenders’
3rd September Big business should wake up and smell the coffee
28th August Financial capability at the crossroads
20th August ‘A’ Levels analysed – are we preparing young people adequately for Brexit?
13th August The Child Trust Fund comes of age - your invitation to the party
6th August Interest Rates in a Digital World
30th July A sensible and effective way to tackle climate change
23rd July Intolerance can damage your wealth. Does faith help or hinder?
16th July The United Kingdom: a Safe Haven for the EU when the Eurozone collapses?
9th July Falling Savings Ratio indicates turbulence ahead
2nd July No Deal = Unilateral Declaration of Free Trade?
25th June European leadership in need of direction
18th June A better way to fund the NHS
11th June Michael Gove meets Adam Smith
4th June The Tragedy of Imposed Solutions, the Magic of Goodwill
29th May Shareowners must vote – and be able to vote - to make their voice heard
21st May Can unconditional love go viral?
14th May The Intoxicating Mix of Power and Paternalism
8th May Child Trust Funds – drawing targeted opportunity out of a universality muddle
30th April Costa and Amazon: the retailing revolution
23rd April Common Wealth, Common Good
16th April Yearning for a sense of belonging
9th April IPPR’s wrong answer to inter-generational re-balancing
3rd April Climate Change - turning the oil tanker round
26th March Investing in the next generation – are we?
19th March Five heffalumps that Tigger didn’t include in the Spring Statement
12th March Generations Apart - Is the pace of change denying us the ability to learn from the past?
5th March Calling time for EU action – Theresa May’s free trade proposals, & the Italian challenge
26th February Disintermediating economic power
19th February What does it mean to be human? Artificial Intelligence and the Soul
12th February Interest Rates, Stockmarkets & Productivity
5th February Let Brexit take its course – the need now is to focus on the domestic agenda
29th January The long shadow of October 1986 on financial services and the economy
22nd January  Brown's Legacy
15th January Tech giants should issue free shares to their customers
8th January 2018 Re-aligning transport economics in the UK
18th December Are attitudes to ownership changing – and does it matter?
11th December Brexit Solved?
4th December Taking action to achieve social mobility
27th November The impact of technological innovation on productivity & wealth
20th November Brexit deadlines and prevarication, and the public finances
6th November Will the dominance of Private Equity become the Achilles Heel of the free market?
30th October Universal Credits, Benefits, Services – and the National Debt
23rd October Can Philip Hammond pull a rabbit out of the hat?
16th October 30 years on – what next?
9th October Pragmatic solutions needed for Brexit
2nd October The free market under pressure
26th September  Giving the many, not just the few, the opportunity to create wealth
18 September  Prepare to say goodbye to ultra-low interest rates as inflation takes hold again
11th September  What have they done to the rain?
28th August  The need for a ‘Financial Awareness’ GCSE
21st August  Are the teenagers in your family getting equipped with life skills?


We hope you'll agree that most of the ideas included in the above comment pieces are indeed ideas with the potential to change the world for the better: the challenge, as always, is to act on them!


Gavin Oldham

Share Radio