Why can't I find Share Radio on my digital radio?

- If your radio doesn't 'auto-scan', you may need to re-tune (or re-scan) it to pick up the link to Share Radio.


Can I listen on an AM/FM radio, or on Long Wave, Medium Wave or Short Wave?

- no: Share Radio is only accessible on digital DAB radio. online, via mobile and tablet apps and through Radioplayer and Tune-In Radio. We are accessible throughout the United Kingdom  as part of the D2 Sound Digital network - check here if you have any difficulties with reception.


Are there any restrictions on accessing Share Radio online overseas? 

- we do not 'stream' the online signal into the United States or Canada, as this is a financial station and there are different rules on financial promotions in those countries. Otherwise you should be able to access the signal, but use Broadband to keep reception costs under control.


Does Share Radio provide 'Listen Again' or Podcast facilities?

- you can access 'Listen Again' through our Apple and Android Apps: this are simple replays of output broadcast over the past 30 days. We also provide podcast access via our own podcast archive and via Audioboom, which can be accessed via our Home page.


Does Share Radio have a twitter account?

- yes: please follow us on @shareradiouk


Other queries? 

- just contact us. If and as questions gather round a particular question, we'll add it to this FAQ page!