Launched in November 2014, Share Radio's journey has encompassed nearly three years as a DAB-broadcasting financial radio station designed to help people through the money maze covering topics including Banking, Budgeting, Stock Markets, Property, Investments, Insurance, Small businesses, Ethics and Children’s finances to a fully-online station with a mix of speech programmes covering politics, economics, investment, personal finance, tech and movie reviews, combined with plenty of great instrumental folk music.

As from 7pm on Friday 5th May 2017, Share Radio has been broadcasting 100% online across the world on mobiles and tablets via our apps, on your computer and on internet radio. Many of our podcasts are available on Spotify (search 'Hrkn') and we're also accessible through Alexa.

We have a real passion for moving to a more egalitarian form of capitalism, and you'll find this theme in many of our comment pieces (out 'Thought for the Week'). If this interests you, please also visit the website of our sibling organisations, Share Alliance (focusing on research) and The Share Foundation (a registered charity providing resources and life skills for disadvantaged young people).

Our newsletter is sent each week to listeners with details of and links to our new programmes and our 'Thought for the Week'. There's no subscription charge for accessing Share Radio, but the newsletter is provided to all signed-up listeners to keep in touch - it's an integral part of our service. 

So what is money? The root of all evil? A means of exchange? Or a store of value?

Many people spend most of their lives working for money, trying to keep their income in line with ever-growing expenditure. Others learn the art of making money work for them, seeing their income-producing savings and investments build and giving them increasing amounts of time for themselves.

There are two reasons for feeling anxious about money: not having enough to do what you need to do, and not knowing what’s going on with the money you do have. There’s one reason for being confident about money: building your knowledge of how it works, and being in control of your own finances.

Share Radio has been set up to enable more people to build that confidence, to make money work for them, and to enjoy straightforward investing. If we ever sound complicated or remote, let us know! We want to walk alongside our listeners, helping to interpret and explain the world of money.

Share Radio has been set up as an independent broadcaster by Gavin Oldham, who established The Share Centre 32 years ago. Other regular presenters include Simon Rose, Georgie Frost (This Is Money), Adam Cox, Professor Tim Evans, Mike Indian, Russ Mould, Neil Shah, Steve Caplin and James Cameron-Wilson.

Our values

We’re a values driven organisation, and our five core values are:

  • Respect for Others – walking alongside people
  • Empowerment – democratising expertise
  • Clarity – de-mystifying finance
  • Enterprise – looking for opportunities, not problems
  • Trust – being accurate, dependable and consistent.

We’re passionate about helping people from all walks and stages of life to achieve their potential and editorially independent.




Podcasted Shows Share Radio - Thought for the Week (c. 10 mins) Share Radio - Gadgets & Gizmos (c. 25 mins) 16 episode (each 30 mins) course - currently via website Share Radio - Movie reviews (c. 25 mins) Share Radio - Share Drama (c. 25 mins) Share Radio - The Bigger Picture (Politics - c.25 mins) Share Radio - Financial Outlook for Personal Investors (c. 15 mins) Share Radio - History: Booms, Busts & Bubbles - (c. 25 mins) Share Radio Home Page (online radio - free registration)

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