The Team


  • Georgie Frost

    Georgie Frost


    Headline Money's Financial Broadcast Journalist of the year, Georgie is a multi award-winning journalist and radio presenter. She has been the host of ‘Share Radio Morning’ since our launch in 2014, after moving from the BBC as a sports broadcaster and presenter.

  • Simon Rose

    Simon Rose


    Simon left a City career as a stockbroker to become a financial reporter at the BBC, broadcasting principally on Radio 4 and the World Service. After a broad-spanning career in media he now presents Share Radio's Market Wrap and Evening Show.

  • Sue Dougan

    Sue Dougan


    Sue Dougan presents the Saturday Afternoon show, including 'Track Record': an accomplished presenter, she's particularly interested in the drive and personalities of entrepreneurs and innovators.

  • Ed Bowsher

    Ed Bowsher

    Senior Analyst

    Ed's deep experience in the world of investment and personal finance has equipped him well to unwrap the mysteries of the City.


  • Kate Andrews

    Kate Andrews


    Kate is News Editor at the IEA (Institute of Economic Affairs). She joined in February 2016 having previously worked as Head of Communications at the Adam Smith Institute, where she handled media and donor relations. Kate regularly features across the national media, including appearances on BBC News, Sky News, Channel 4, Channel 5, ITV and BBC’s Question Time. She has written for the Daily Telegraph, Spectator Coffee House, The Times’ Red Box, Conservative Home, and writes a fortnightly column on Fridays for CityAM.

  • Jonathan Davis

    Jonathan Davis


    Jonathan Davis is an experienced professional investor and author who has been analysing and writing about financial markets for more than 35 years. After an early career as a business journalist on The Times, The Economist and The Independent, he spent a year at MIT learning about finance and writing a thesis about Warren Buffett, qualified as a professional investor and since then has combined professional investment activity with a career as an independent author, columnist and podcaster. He has written three books about investing, is an adviser and independent member of the investment committee at Saunderson House, a non-executive director of the Jupiter UK Growth Trust and senior adviser to Orosur. He is a regular contributor to The Spectator and for 20 years wrote regular columns for The Independent and Financial Times.

  • Richard Blanco

    Richard Blanco


    Richard Blanco is a London based landlord developer with properties in North, East and South East London. Areas of interest and expertise include buying at auction, managing the development process, encouraging positive landlord tenant relations, fundraising and business strategy. Richard is also a London Representative for the National Landlords Association, sets up and speaks at landlord meetings and works on policy, press and media campaigns. Recent television appearances include BBC, Sky & Channel 4 News and he has commented on housing issues on BBC Radio London, LBC Radio and Radio 4, plus appearances in a range of national newspapers and property websites. Richard has featured in sixteen episodes of Househunters International which airs prime time in the USA, Canada and on Sky Living in the UK. He also presents NLA podcast and Share Radio programme, Inside Property.

  • Linda Lewis (1)

    Linda Lewis (1)


    Linda Lewis is the Presenter/Producer of our weekly documentary series ‘Company Casebook’. Casebook is our on the ground look inside businesses large and small from a people perspective.

  • Sarah Pennells

    Sarah Pennells (1)


    Sarah Pennells is an award-winning personal finance journalist and broadcaster. She started her career in radio and has spent over 20 years specialising in personal finance.

  • Nick Peters

    Nick Peters


    Nick has been a radio, TV and newspaper journalist all his life, and today he is a publisher and editor.

  • Matthew Cook

    Matthew Cook


    Matthew Cook has made a career of being a versatile and enthusiastic reporter and producer. He has a degree in Journalism from the University of Westminster in London, and has worked in several publications and websites since.

  • Adam Cox

    Adam Cox


    Adam is an entrepreneur, broadcaster, property and stock market investor, psychologist and blogger. He started his career at Chiltern FM and Classic Gold and now creates hundreds of hours of broadcast content every month covering topics such as personal finance, tech, psychology, health, travel and business.

Directors & Management

  • Gavin Oldham

    Gavin Oldham

    Managing Director

    Gavin is an entrepreneur, motivated by the immense potential of our human condition and the opportunity to help individuals achieve their aims and aspirations. He is founder and managing director of Share Radio, which complements the strands of both his commercial and voluntary activities.