Sue Dougan


Sue has spent several years working for the BBC in regional radio as a producer and presenter at BBC Radio Northampton, BBC Radio Kent and most recently BBC Radio Cambridgeshire. In Cambridge, she has developed a keen interest in the local business community, in the depth and complexity of Cambridge’s tech industries, and in the drive and personalities of the area’s entrepreneurs and innovators. She has a reputation for conducting compelling conversations on air and asking key questions of opinion formers and decision makers. She laments the passing of Woolworths (she was a Saturday girl at branch 022 while she was a student!) and once made background musak tapes for certain high street stores. Sue enjoys am dram and is a keen amateur marathon runner and triathlete. She lives in rural Hertfordshire with her husband and son, an obese cat and three cheeky chickens.

“I was financially illiterate when I started at university, not really understanding the responsibility of personal credit, nor having had everyday education in how to do something simple as balance a budget. I’m much more on top of things today thanks to trusted, sound and impartial advice. As a mother and mortgage holder, I’m very much interested in understandable, accessible financial advice, about future planning and pitfalls. I’m married to a small business owner, so I’m also passionate about the impact of the wider economy on the money available in a typical household budget.”

Sue presents the Saturday Afternoon Show for Share Radio, including Track Record.