Share Radio, the new national money and business digital radio station, has with The Share Centre found that nearly 1 million children* throughout the UK have lost touch with their Child Trust Funds. Share Radio is calling for the Government to introduce a high profile campaign to re-link them to the children to whom they belong.

The Share Centre, the retail stockbroker, estimates that the aggregate number of ‘addressee gone away’ Child Trust Funds is just under 900,000, one in six of those that have been issued. The value of these ‘lost’ funds is, incredibly, over £600m. The proportion of these lost Child Trust Funds allocated by HMRC is significantly higher than those applied for by parents. Accounts have been automatically allocated by HMRC for all children whose parents had not applied within one year of birth, comprising over 28% of the total.

These estimates highlight the amount of money that may not reach its intended source.  Child Trust Funds were issued by the then Government to all children born between 1 September 2002 and 2 January 2011.  The oldest children are well into their 14th year of age and it is concerning how many of them have potentially lost a valuable source of funds which they would otherwise be able to access in less than five years' time.

Share Radio's Managing Director Gavin Oldham said: "This is a more serious problem than other types of 'addressee gone away' financial accounts, not only because the amounts are very meaningful for a young person starting adult life, but also because over £600m subscribed to these lost accounts originally came from the Exchequer. There is an online facility to ‘find’ a Child Trust Fund hosted by HMRC, but very little is done to publicise this, or get the message out. That’s why we are calling on Government to launch this campaign to help families find their lost Child Trust Funds."

Award-winning presenter of ‘Young Money’ at Share Radio, Sarah Pennells, said:“Child Trust Funds were the ‘big idea’ to get parents who’d never saved before, to invest for their children, so it’s pretty shocking that so many have lost contact with their accounts. I’m pleased we’re able to highlight this issue on Share Radio as I get lots of emails from parents who are confused about the best way to save for their children. The good news is that if you have lost track of your child’s Trust Fund, the money hasn’t disappeared and can still be claimed.” 

HM Revenue and Customs provide an online facility through which enquiries can be made about lost Child Trust Funds, at:

Share Radio, which now broadcasts across the United Kingdom, will be talking about these lost Child Trust Funds on Saturday morning in 'Young Money' at 10 am. You may need to re-tune your DAB radio to find Share Radio.


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*Analysis conducted by the Share Centre in November 2015