Weekday participants can start the course each fortnight: on weekends it starts afresh every four weeks. Choose a day of the week to suit yourself or listen again - or use the podcasts.


Tuesdays 2am

Wednesdays 2am Thursdays 2am Fridays 2am Saturdays 7am Sundays 7am
Sat 14th January         Week 7  
Sun 15th January            Week 3
Tues 17th January  Week 6          
Wed 18th January    Week 4        
Thurs 19th January      Week 2      
Fri 20th January       Week 8    
Sat 21st January         Week 8  
Sun 22nd January           Week 4
Tues 24th January  Week 7          
Wed 25th January   Week 5         
Thurs 26th January     Week 3       
Fri 27th January       Week 1    
Sat 28th January         Week 1  
Sun 29th January           Week 5
Tues 31st January Week 8           
Wed 1st February   Week 6         
Thurs 2nd February     Week 4       
Fri 3rd February       Week 2    
Sat 4th February         Week 2  
Sun 5th February           Week 6