“Costs merely register competing attractions.”

  Frank H. Knight

As forecast in our commentary on 6th January, we have now introduced our new monthly subscription for listening to Share Radio’s live stream and our extensive podcast library. This week’s commentary is dedicated to explaining how these new arrangements work, including how you can continue to receive our service for free by being introduced through a sponsoring partner. At present, that would be The Share Centre, but please let us know if you’d like us to talk with any other businesses who might appreciate partnering with us.

So, please scroll down through this week’s programming to see how you can continue to enjoy free listening courtesy of The Share Centre. As one of our valued listeners, we'd like to offer you the opportunity to continue to receive our service free - but, of course, if you’d prefer to make the £4.99 (incl. VAT) monthly payment, we won’t say no!

You’ll need to make a fresh activation in order to continue to receive Share Radio, and The Share Centre has made arrangements for this to be as easy as possible  - and free - by visiting share.com/shareradio. On this page, there’s a prominent ‘Listen for FREE’ button, but please don’t click on it until you’ve cleared existing Share Radio cookies from your browser window!

You should be presented with a sign-in window with The Share Centre logo prominent at the top, and please enter your name and email address, tick the agreement box, and click on ‘Enter’.

You’ll get an acknowledgement straight back (‘One step closer’), and you’ll find an email waiting for your action:

On the email, there’s an activation code which will provide you with sponsored free listening. Note this carefully, and then click on the ‘Activate Audio Access’ link.

Nearly there!

Next you will get our activation form - please fill in your details, inserting the activation code under ‘Sponsor Code (optional)’. Then click on the ‘Use Sponsor Code’ button below.

And that’s it! You will have free listening to Share Radio for as long as we remain best friends with The Share Centre.

Please bear in mind that, as a sponsored introduction, your contact details are shared with The Share Centre, and naturally they hope that you will consider opening an investment account with them - but it’s not obligatory.

For new listeners - those who don’t join via a sponsoring partner - the new £4.99 (incl. VAT) monthly subscription (which compares favourably with the cost of a pint of beer in London, the United States, France and China!) is collected via Worldpay. At present it’s just in £Sterling, but we hope to introduce US$ and Euro in the very near future. Subscribers can cancel at any time – there’s no minimum sign-up period - so no refunds will apply. See more about these arrangements in the ‘About’ section on our website.

Finally, and as we said in that January commentary, broadcasting is changing fast. Even the BBC is feeling the winds of change, with the Government taking a serious look at the current licence fee arrangement.

Share Radio has been broadcasting now for over five years, and we’ve learnt a lot over that period. Financially, it’s been quite a painful experience: but we now have a business model which will enable us to continue delivering quality speech radio into the future.

‘Sharing ideas about money’ is critically important for delivering a more egalitarian form of capitalism: it enables everyone to participate in the benefits of economic success, and it helps provide life skills and opportunities for the next generation.

So we hope you’ll continue lending your support to our work, and spreading the word both at home and abroad - that Share Radio is a great way to connect with British business and everyday life.

Gavin Oldham OBE

Share Radio