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Nick Peters

Shop Floor: 04/12/16

Nick Peters
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Shop Floor: 04/12/16
This week on the Shop Floor, the world we live in is about to become super-connected to the Internet of Things, Nick explores some of the issues this raises with Nigel Upton. Do you fancy a career in wine? Nick visits the one place in the UK where you can actually get a wine qualification, Plumpton College on the Sussex Downs to meet Paul Harley. We discuss corporate governance with Laurie Fitzjohn Sykes, director of research at Tomorrow's Company and finally Nick finds out about the leadership lag the UK is facing with John Yates from the ILM

Plumpton Collage

Tomorrows Company

Hewlett Packard IOT


Guests: John Yates,Laurie Fitzjohn Sykes,Nigel Upton,Paul Harley