Ed Mitchell


Ed Mitchell was one of Europe’s leading business broadcasters for many years, interviewing hundreds of top financial and political figures. He worked with some of the world’s most respected news organisations including Reuters, the BBC, ITN, Channel Four, European Business Channel (Zurich), Asia Business News (Singapore), European Business News (London) and CNBC.

His career then took a rockier course. Redundancy, dozens of short term jobs, mounting debt problems, divorce and bankruptcy led to homelessness and sleeping rough on Hove seafront. A quirk of fate got him into rehab and on to the path of recovery – a story covered in the ITV documentary 'Saving Ed Mitchell'.

Ed published his bestseller ‘From Headlines to Hard Times' in January 2009. Paperback and electronic versions, with additional material, were published in January 2010. More recently Ed has been training broadcast presenters of start-up television stations in Delhi, Dacca and Lagos.