Sandra Kilhof


Sandra Kilhof presents the Breakfast Show, joining Share Radio after a two-year stint as a financial journalist and economic commentator for print and TV in London. Hailing from Copenhagen, she started her career as a reporter for the Danish Broadcast Corporation and has been mad for radio ever since. Having produced, reported and anchored for radio, TV and online, Sandra has covered many beats including politics and breaking news, but in recent years has dedicated herself to making finance easily understandable. 

 "Five years ago I didn't know how to do my own taxes and I ignored calls from my bank. Words like budget and pension plan gave me sleepless nights. But studying International Political Economy as part of my Masters, I realised that finance isn't so scary, and actually money matters are crucial to understand. Since then, I've made it my mission to grasp everything from complicated financial regulation, to the movements in interest rates, to investment flows, and how these all impact everyday people. My hope is that I can help others make the most of their money and build awareness around major financial issues".