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Nick Peters

Shop Floor 14 Feb 2016

Nick Peters
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Shop Floor

Shop Floor 14 Feb 2016
Nick Peters hits the shop floor for another packed edition on workplace issues. This week, social mobility, the goal of productive work and enterprise, comes under attack. Nick Peters talks to Matthew Taylor, Chief Executive of the RSA, about the idea that social mobility could be cruel or even evil. Digital skill levels among young people mean employers are finding it harder to get qualified staff and many young people risk missing out on good jobs - Nick Peters finds out more from Nigel Walsh at CapGemini. The Prime Minister says he wants ex-offenders to have much more support moving from jail into jobs and productive lives. It’s already happening - Nick Peters discovers how from Jane Gould, a trustee of Christian charity CleanSheet. And we head east to Vietnam to meet the "Digital Nomads", young people who are taking the idea of remote working to extraordinary lengths.

Matthew Taylor, Nigel Walsh, Jane Gould


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