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Georgie Frost

This is Money: 5000 to 1? I'll take that bet!

Georgie Frost
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This is Money

This is Money: 5000 to 1? I'll take that bet!
It's time for This is Money! Once again, the guys from the award-winning finance website join Georgie in the studio to run down the hottest money stories of the week. On this show, editor Simon Lambert and consumer affairs Lee Boyce are in to discuss the return of the no-deposit mortgages, the 5 biggest threats to your pensions, and finally, Leicester City for the win! Lee gloats on the clubs surprise victory, while a slightly more prosaic Simon breaks down the ridiculous odds placed on the teams chances - half as likely as seeing Elvis! This is Money is presented in partnership with NS&I.

Simon Lambert, Lee Boyce