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Genre: Financial Education / Topic: 15-18
Presenter: Tamara Gillan
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Tamara Gillan

The Talk by the WealthiHer Network: Girl on the rise

Tamara Gillan
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The Talk by the WealthiHer Network

The Talk by the WealthiHer Network: Girl on the rise
As 60% of UK money will be in the hands of women by 2030, it is important to understand the issues that the next generation of women care about – and how this impacts every aspect of their lives. This next gen can encompass girls and women from 13 to 39 (and beyond), and their views can differ widely from their mothers’ and grandmothers’. The younger generations are much more aware of environmental, equality, gender, and diversity issues. This may well impact on how they spend, invest, and consume. They are much more likely to research companies online, placing stock on good customer service and value for money rather than brand loyalty. The brands they interact with also have to have good credentials in terms of how they treat their staff and workers along the supply chain; information for which is sourced through social media, online, or through their offline networks. In this programme Tamara Gillan is joined by A-Level student Emily Astley, and her mother Patricia Astley, Executive Director at Julius Baer. They are both passionate about how the next generation of women will rise, and they share their views on the differences between generations regarding money, changing definitions of success, and purpose.

Emily Astley, Patricia Astley