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Georgie Frost

This is Money: Is Marmitegate Toast?

Georgie Frost
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This is Money

This is Money: Is Marmitegate Toast?
Welcome to the This is Money and Share Radio podcast, presented in partnership with NS&I. This week, we're finally seeing the real-world of effect of Brexit: Marmite is gone from Tesco's shelves! Well, digital shelves at least, and it seems the supermarket giant and its main supplier Unilever have sorted out their differences for now, so you can rest easy. But if the battle is over for now, we can't be so sure about the war. As companies are squeezed from all sides by a falling pound and the soaring popularity of online delivery, can it lead to anything but higher prices at the checkout? Editor Simon Lambert and Consumer Affairs Editor Lee Boyce joined Georgie Frost this week to examine Marmite-gate, and see what it portends. They also took a look at Sterling's effect on holidaymaker's plans, the latest round of cuts at the beleaguered Lloyds, and what if anything we can know about housing prices in the future. This is Money is presented by Georgie Frost, in partnership with NS&I.

Simon Lambert, Lee Boyce


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