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Motley Fool Money: London Calling Microsoft (12/12)

Motley Fool Money
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Motley Fool Money: London Calling Microsoft (12/12)
A new 10-year deal with the London Stock Exchange sends shares of Microsoft higher. Jason Moser discusses the "win-win" deal between the two sides, how cloud services like Azure and AWS are becoming utilities, the short, not-so-happy public life of Weber Grill, and Peter Lynch's advice being a starting point (not a finish line) for investors. Plus, 12 minutes in, Ricky Mulvey talks with Eddie Alterman, host of the "Car Show" podcast, about the used car market and how GM is competing with Ferrari. Stocks mentioned: MSFT, LDNXF, AMZN, GOOG, GOOGL, WEBR, COOK, GM. Holiday Music: Sugar & Booze by Ana Gasteyer. Host - Chris Hill; Guests - Jason Moser, Eddie Alterman

Jason Moser, Eddie Alterman