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Nick Peters

Shop Floor 21 Feb 2016

Nick Peters
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Shop Floor

Shop Floor 21 Feb 2016
This week, Nick Peters hits the Shop Floor to discuss why ever high levels of employment are not translating into higher wages with Steve Lewis, a former army officer and businessman who runs the Number 18 coffee shop in Crickhowell. Steve is one of the leaders of the Fair Tax Town programmes. Nick looks at why leaders need to listen to their followers in order to close the digital skills gap inside corporations with Colin Sloman, Managing Director of Accenture, a consultancy firm who conducted a major survey of global businesses to assess how they are keeping up with the pace of lightning fast technological change. Despite unemployment levels falling, and more people striking out on their own to add to the country's growing micro-business community, Nick Peters hears from Gerwyn Davies, the Labour Market Advisor at the CIPD about why this good news isn't necessarily good for wages and productivity levels. And the good, the bad, and the ugly, Nick takes a closer look at workforce surveys to find out the do's and don'ts when it comes to writing them with Anthony Hughes of recruitment specialists Coburg Banks. Plus, the first in our series of IDG Insights is launched, bringing you the stories that matter.

Steve Lewis, Colin Sloman, Gerwyn Davies, Anthony Hughes


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