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Motley Fool Money: Four Rules for Using AI (5/4)

Motley Fool Money
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Motley Fool Money: Four Rules for Using AI (5/4)
Instead of the age of artificial intelligence, investors might be better off thinking of this as the age of co-intelligence. We dig into how you can embrace AI and put it to use. Jason Moser and Bill Mann discuss why Disney and Nelson Peltz were both winners in the company’s board fight, Alphabet’s rumored interest in marketing software provider Hubspot, and Spotify’s price hikes, the strength in Levi’s direct to consumer model, and a true blank check business. Then, 19 minutes in, Wharton Professor Ethan Mollick breaks down his four rules for using AI, and other tips from his new book Co-Intelligence: Living and Working with AI. Finally, 34 minutes in, Jason and Bill break down two stocks on their radar: Cognex and WD40. Stocks discussed: DIS, GOOG, GOOGL, HUBS, SPOT, LEVI, DJT, WDFC, CGNX. Host - Dylan Lewis; Guests - Jason Moser, Bill Mann, Ethan Mollick

Jason Moser, Bill Mann, Ethan Mollick