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On weekends the channel is less driven by hard news and is deliberately more relaxed and entertaining. Our talk radio content kicks off at 6 am and we quickly get into the ‘Business of Sport’ and the ‘Business of a Film’ with James Cameron-Wilson critiquing the new film releases of the week. Gadgets & Gizmos with Simon Rose and Tech Editor Steve Caplin is unmissable: hilarious and yet you learn a lot as well, and the Share Radio Travel Guide takes you round the world from your kitchen and is an ideal accompaniment to breakfast.

At 9 am it’s the fabulous Track Record with Sue Dougan, one of our flagship shows, where Sue interviews one notable guest each week and gets to know the real person behind the public persona. She does this by selecting the music tracks that have inspired them over the years. Guests range from prominent figures from the world of business and politics like Jacob Rees Mogg MP and Fidelity’s Anthony Bolton to Simon Bazalgette from the Jockey Club and Helen Boaden, Director of BBC Radio. 

At 10AM on Saturday we join the award-winning journalist Sarah Pennells for her ‘Share Radio Money Guide’, an expert journey through the world of personal finance. Sarah’s ‘Money Guide’ comes in four parts:

10 am: Young Moneythe show deals with money matters from children to young adults, be they students or recent graduates entering the world of work. Young people have the same money worries as the rest of us, and are keen to make their money stretch. Yet some may have less experience of finding and negotiating the best deals.Young Money relies of a roster of Young Money Champions, often from the Personal Finance Desk at the Telegraph newspaper group.

10.30am: Women and Money - Sarah is the founder and editor of a finance website for women called, so ‘Women and Money’ is close to host Sarah Pennells her heart.  She believes men and women often share the same financial planning needs, but sometimes less so, those needs can markedly differ, and she’s not afraid to make a difference. Sarah Pennells talks money from a female perspective every Saturday at 10:30AM.

11 am: Your Money, Your Future - In a perfect world saving for retirement should begin when we are all young, with plenty of time to build some wealth.  Each week, on ‘Your Money, Your Future’ host and financial expert Sarah Pennells looks at different ways to save and prosper, both for today, and tomorrow, whether you are planning for retirement or just keen to be more in control of your finances.

11.30 am: Ask Sarah - Each Saturday at 11.30 am Sarah takes a topic suggested by you the listeners, we collect your questions on tape and quiz the a weekly panel of experts live in the studio to get the very best free advice for you the listener. Radio at its interactive best

12-2 pm: Share Politics – Westminster is within walking distance of our radio studios, and the man who brings politics alive for us is the inestimable Colin Bloom, a senior member of the Conservative Party and with a contacts book to die for. What he lacks in political independence he more than makes up for in political influence. Our man in Westminster is an insider who knows what the real questions are – and isn’t afraid to ask them.