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Young Money: National Volunteer Week

Sarah Pennells (1)
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Young Money

Young Money: National Volunteer Week
Now it's something that over 21 million people in the UK do at least once a year and they don't get paid a penny. What is it? Volunteering. This week is Volunteers' Week where you can find out more about what's involved in volunteering. Volunteering can be anything from getting involved in projects and charities in your neighbourhood to travelling abroad. So, how can you get involved? What are the benefits and how do you work out what type of project to get involved in? Sarah Pennells and our Young Money Champion, Rachael Healey, are joined by Alison Harvie who's the head of communications at Volunteering Matters and by Stefan Watham who's the chief executive of Year Out Group.

Rachael Healy, Alison Harvie, Stefan Watham