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Ask Sarah: Dying Matters Week

Sarah Pennells (1)
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Ask Sarah

Ask Sarah: Dying Matters Week
As part of Dying Matters Awareness Week, Sarah Pennells and her guests look at the legal and financial aspects of funerals and why those arrangements can still be a taboo subject. Poppy Mardall, from Poppy's Funerals, and Gemma O'Driscoll, Funeral Director at G.E O’Driscoll & Daughters, discuss different types of funerals available and how funeral directors can offer help and support. Toby Scott, from the Dying Matters Coalition, explains how you can take part in the debate, and Rod Smith from Stone King Solicitors and part of the Law Society Wills and Equity Committee looks at wills and how to take care of them.

Poppy Mardall, Gemma O'Driscoll, Toby Scott, Rod Smith