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This is Money - Brexit, Brexit, Brexit

Sarah Pennells (1)
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This is Money

This is Money - Brexit, Brexit, Brexit
It's time once again for This Is Money, in partnership with NS&I. And we can't avoid it; with six days to go until the referendum, this is a Brexit special. Editor Simon Lambert and Consumer Affairs editor Lee Boyce join special guest host Sarah Pennells for a final run-down of the outlook for the UK economy if we vote to leave. What's the prognosis? Well, you'll just have to listen. (And be sure to check out Simon's column on This is Money this week, with his picks for the top Brexit reporting on both sides). We're also going to dip back in to the rolling BHS scandal of course, and hope for UK would-be homeowners who lost their savings in the Spanish property market. This Is Money is presented in partnership with NS&I. Georgie Frost will be back next week.

Simon Lambert, Lee Boyce