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Adam Cox

Modern Mindset: The Anti-Scam Lady

Adam Cox
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Modern Mindset

Modern Mindset: The Anti-Scam Lady
Adam is joined by US based private investigator Tammy Sorrento who is the founder of Fireball Approves. Tammy was nearly scammed out of thousands when looking for a holiday rental property. Her near miss lead her to go after the property scammers. Tammy explains that fraudsters go on rental sites and duplicate the advert and aim to take the money for a property that they don’t own. The victims are then lefts thousands out of pocket and may never see their money again. Tammy explains that UK based holiday makers are particularly at risk as they aren’t able to physically view the property. She also gives a few tips of the red flags that could expose a fraud and how to avoid them.

Tammy Sorrento