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Sarah Pennells (1)

Ask Sarah: Brexit Hour Special

Sarah Pennells (1)
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Ask Sarah: Brexit Special

Ask Sarah: Brexit Hour Special
Sarah Pennells conducts an hour-long special programme on Brexit and the long term consequences that are much harder to predict. Rodney Hobson, Author of 'Shares Made Simple', Broadcaster and Financial Writer, and Justin Urquhart Stewart, Co-Founder of Seven Investment Management, look at the how the markets reacted in the immediate aftermath of Thursday's results. Employment lawyers Gillian Howard and Melanie Stancliffe, from Irwin Mitchell, look at how workplace rights will be affected; while Poppy Trowbridge, Consumer Affairs Correspondent for Sky News, and Mark Weedon, from Property Partner, look at the consumer aspects of Brexit. Jennie Kreser, Partner in Pensions Law at Silverman Sherliker, focuses on pensions and whether they will change.

Rodney Hobson, Justin Urquhart Stewart, Gillian Howard, Melanie Stancliffe, Poppy Trowbridge, Mark Weedon, Jennie Kreser