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Sue Dougan

This is Money: Exploiting savers and penalising borrowers.

Sue Dougan
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This is Money

This is Money: Exploiting savers and penalising borrowers.
It's This is Money, your essential week's round-up of the biggest money stories in the UK and abroad. This week, guest-host Sue Dougan teamed up with Editor Simon Lambert and Personal Finance Editor Rachel Rickard Straus from the Financial Website of the Year, This Is Money. On the agenda today; A further rate cut looks unlikely for now, but that's not stopped the banks from taking full advantage of the chance to punish savers and borrowers alike. Meanwhile, a Pensions Roadblock is what we're calling people scared off from trying to get their nest egg in order. Is it just a bit complicated, or totally hopeless? And we'll also be taking a look at a new book on the hidden threat of Big Data: it's Weapons of Maths Destruction. This is Money is presented in partnership with NS&I.

Simon Lambert, Rachel Rickard-Straus