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Programme Listing 2021

Movies and Money

Movies and Money is Share Radio’s look at the world of film. Journalist Phil Scott joins Simon for an irregular look at different movie genres and in all we look at the business of film.

Murphy's London

Eccentric London historian Norman Murphy takes us on a guide of the capital pointing out features that most tourists – and residents – never notice. Funny, quirky and informative, after hearing Norman talk about London you’ll never view the City in quite the same light again.

Policy Matters

This series of discussions engages with issues in contemporary public policy, addressing areas such as social mobility, the costs and benefits of education, inequalities in the labour market, and rising poverty. Each episode will consider current government policy, the possible alternatives and where the public policy debate currently is. Hosts Franz Buscha and Matt Dickson will discuss the ideas, delve into what the academic research has to say, and invite expert guests to provide their insights, helping us to better understand the complexities and constraints facing policy-makers.

Psalm 150

Everyday at 6:58

Psalm 150

The Choir of York Minster opens live broadcasting each day on Share Radio, celebrating the gift of sound and music and giving thanks to God.

Share Drama

Thursdays from 19:30 to 20:00

Share Drama

Share Drama is Share Radio’s weekly arts show and takes a playful look at the Shakespearean world of acting and drama. From Shakespeare’s plays to the craft of acting, this is a unique view of the world of screen and stage and well worth a listen. Share Drama is presented and acted by David Ricardo-Pearce, produced by Lee Sparey and directed by Carl Prekopp.

Share Radio Interview with Vicky Sayers

Vicky Sayers speaks to leading professionals about the latest developments in the worlds of finance, politics, economy and business.

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The Talk by the WealthiHer Network

Our research has revealed that compared with men, 70% of women lack financial confidence – particularly when it comes to complex investments – and lose nearly £1m ($1.24m) across their lives as a result. In this programme Tamara Gillan, founder of WealthiHer, is joined by partners of the WealthiHer network to explore different aspects of what women should know about money. A different topic will be brought into focus in each episode; from what you should be doing with your investments right now, to how you can feel more in control of your finances and talk about money in relationships. The WealthiHer Network is a pioneering collaboration of leading financial service, legal and insurance firms. Together, they work to empower and equip women with the support and knowledge to prosper; to drive the economic advancement of women forward, and to make the financial service industry fit for the future.

This is Money

Georgie Frost hosts the award-winning 'This is Money' team from the Mail Online, led by Editor Simon Lambert. The team join us in the studio to talk through the consumer stories which have been making the headlines online - and which they have been doing some extra investigation into. It's great fun and very informative.

Track Record

Sue Dougan fronts one of Share Radio's flagship shows 'Track Record'. Each week she sits a well-known guest in front of the microphone, asks them to pick their favourite music, and then interviews them about their life, interests and achievements to the backdrop of their musical picks. This is unmissable radio at its best.