'Consuming Issues’ is Share Radio’s consumer, money, property, home, travel, technology, banking, work, benefits and banking strand. The show is people based and educational, with lots of case studies, financial makeovers and interaction with listeners to bring potentially dry subjects to life. We will reflect issues in the news and create our own agenda. We will campaign on behalf of our listeners and work with them to make better sense of their finances. We will also provide a little bit of financial expertise of our own.

Contact email for Consuming Issues: [email protected]

How to make the pound in your pocket go that little bit further

  • We have regular studio guests such as Savings and Loans expert Carl Packman; Money saving expert; Money Supermarket; Which?; CAB sitting alongside Georgie on a regular basis. 

  • At all times we walk beside our audience and include case study examples, features and creative packages dealing with how people handle their money. 

  • The tone of the strand is warm, friendly and accessible. 

  • Our listeners are the heart of the show and we are as interactive as possible with emails, texts, social media and telephone calls.

  • Our expert studio guests provide complimentary money makeovers on air and we always emphasise best practice principles.

0900 to 1000: 'Consumer News Review’ is our daily consumer rights programme. We bring the money stories that affect the pound in your pocket and give you advice on topics which affect all aspects of your spending. Each Monday to Friday we’ll have experts in the studio – a lawyer, a doctor, a tech guru, a money advice worker and a trading standards officer – and we’ll invite you to ‘Ask the Expert’. Knowledge is power, so tune in and learn how to get an upgrade in life. 

1000-1030: Each weekday morning we will take an in-depth look at ‘Homes and Property’ - Britain’s favourite topic. How do you go about financing the biggest purchase of your life? We will cover topics in depth such as mortgages; remortgaging; first time buyers; planning; interior design; buying abroad. Buying and selling – how do you go about it? Buy to let and renting. 

1030-1100: On Tuesdays we have ‘Future Tech’: do you buy an iphone or Samsung? Do you know your tweets from your likes? We’re here to guide you through the Brave New World, to not only understand the latest apps and technology but how to make the most of it so it works for you personally and professionally.

On Wednesdays join ‘Creative thinking’: whether it’s a new outfit, making birthday presents, decorating for a party or you’ve been tasked with making the Christmas dinner, we will search out the best advice and the best places to go and our team of trusty reporters will try it out for you. Can we get an outfit from Oxfam to look high street quality, will our friends know the difference between a lasagne made with finest ingredients from a Whole Foods or basics from Aldi. We do the taste test while the listeners share tips. Lots of social media and website engagement.

On Thursdays, our 'Fair Deal' slot will look at what’s out there for ethical consumers; everything from sustainability to the environment. Some weeks we have guests in the studio, alternatively reporters Josh Martin and Kirsty Shanks roll their sleeves up and get out there for us. Recent reports include the UN Anti-Trafficking Day and businesses who support local communities. Josh has reported on the true cost of the garment trade and investigated the endemic use of child labour in the luxury goods market.

1100-1130: ‘Relative Valuesisn’t about our relationship with money but how money affects our relationship with our loved ones. At the risk of sounding like Michael Caine, did you know that people change bank accounts fewer times than they get divorced? The point being that divorce and separation is a major driver of financial events like buying and selling houses, renting, house renovation and pension splits. We will drill down into the legal rules and regulations governing divorce and separation. Do married women and those co-habiting have the same legal rights? Each week we will be joined by experts like Roger Bamber, co-head of Family law at Mills & Reeve, who will talk people gently through the options for free. Pensions; Divorce; Wills; Inheritance tax; College; Sharing; Feeding your family; Sharing tips; Stopping smoking; Healthy eating; Family businesses. We will include case studies and creative feature stories.

1100-1130: ‘Careers Clinic’  The perfect CV; how to excel at interviews; the job market; further education; using the internet; changing career

12 noon – 1 pm: ‘News Hour’:  We catch up with the breaking business, political and company stories of the day and see what is happening in the UK, Europe and beyond. We will inherit stories and clips from our Breakfast Show, and our lunchtime coverage aims to build on that and explain why those stories and trends are significant for a London audience. We will cross live to the City and have a regular panel of guests in the studio.