Presenter Ed Mitchell has experienced more than most in his life, and he will bring us his unique perspective on investing, corporate ethics and morality.

Each week you can expect an hour-long Fund Manager interview, programmes dedicated to Sustainable Business and Investment Clubs plus a daily politics slot.

The show is intended to be entertaining, educational and informative, with people based case studies and lots of listener interaction to bring potentially dry subjects to life. We will campaign on behalf of our listeners and work with them to make better sense of their investments and the business world.

Investment Perspectives is appointment listening each weekday from 1 pm to 5 pm.

Contact email for Investment Perspectives: [email protected]

Guiding you through the Investment Maze

1-2 pm: Global News Perspective - will take the listener around the world in 60 minutes, reporting on the latest global news and how it affects (or doesn’t) stock markets. Providing analysis on the news of the day with regular contributions from sector experts in the studio or down the phone, Ed Mitchell’s Global Perspective will offer you an alternative look at the news from around the world.

Between 2 and 3 pm each day, this hour will be dedicated to the ethics and morals that are designed to guide everyone working in the financial world. With slots such as Corporate Responsibility, Health & Fitness and Sustainable Money, Ed Mitchell will examine how ethics and morals are implemented in the real world.

2-3 pm: Corporate Responsibility - will look at the ethics and morals that guide companies on a daily basis, and investigate how relevant their ethics really are when it comes to business. This hour long show will highlight both good and bad examples using case studies and a panel of expert guests.

Health and Fitness - A look into that most topical of areas, health and fitness. We all work demanding hours, and this show will inform people about making the most of the precious time they have to themselves. The old adage that healthy body will make a healthy mind has never been truer and recent studies have proven that stress impacts on performance. We will use case studies to discuss while also bringing the latest in stress-busting technology.

Sustainable Money - People automatically associate sustainability as the practice of green business. Yet green is only one piece of the jigsaw. A sustainable business or business practice is one that can stand the test of time. We will wrestle with the issues surrounding sustainable business and analyse the pros and cons of such a focus. Sustainable Money highlights practices that work for companies, investors, the economy, and of course the planet.

Ed Mitchells View from the Park Bench

The next hour will deal with the economic and investment issues which spark Ed’s interest. Our Institution Spotlight will be here on Monday’s, and on Thursday’s we will have an hour devoted to UK politics. European politics will get a mention, and we will deep dive into foreign exchange issues as we look at what has been driving currencies. Charities and Not for Profit organizations will also be looked at in detail here.

3-4 pm : Institutions Spotlight - As part of an ongoing documentary series, each week, we will profile an interesting financial institution. A 10 minute package will detail a brief history of each institution, for example the London Metal Exchange or the Bank of England, and explain exactly what it does. Then we will turn to a studio discussion with a guest and a representative from the institution.

Corporate Charity Philanthropy/Not For Profit - There are many business programmes on TV and radio, but very few about Not For Profit (NFP) organisations. What makes NFP’s tick? What motivates and differentiates them? Why do they even exist? Ed Mitchell investigates the ‘Not For Profit’ motive in our weekly look at the sector.

Forex/European Politics - The first half of this show will look at foreign exchange currency valuations from around the world and what is influencing valuations.

In the second half we turn to European Politics and look forward to decisions that come out of Europe that influence investment decisions.

The Political Hour with Ed Mitchell - Ed will update listners with the latest news from Westminster. Using his years of experience, Ed will to cut to the heart of the political debate. With a general election coming up, and the financial well being of the country paramount, this show will highlight the latest financial news from the Houses of Parliament.

Sector Spotlight

Our Sectors strand will incorporate shows such as the Fund Manager interview, the Small Business Clinic, The Emerging Markets show and the Small Cap case study. This hour each day will give investors an insight into areas of investment not so well covered by mainstream business media.

 4-5 pm The Fund Manager interview with Ed Mitchell - Each week we invite a Fund Manager into the studio to tell us (briefly) what his/her fund focuses on, and then Ed will talk them through their area of knowledge. Fund Managers have great sector expertise, and by making an appointment to listen each week, investors can add to their own depth and breadth of useful market knowledge.

Small Business Clinic - Each week we will provide a free advice clinic for small and medium sized businesses. Within each show, we will discuss case studies and debate what the best way is forward for SME’s. With Ed Mitchell guiding the ship, our audience can rest assured that they will leave better informed.

Emerging Markets - Each week we will investigate the Emerging Markets, specifically highlighting those in South America, Africa, Asia and Eastern Europe. Each week we focus on one continent and do a deep dive for an hour. A must-listen for the less risk-averse investor.

Smaller Caps - Each week we examine the challenges facing Smaller Cap companies in the current economic climate. Germany’s Mittlestand is rightly known as the engine of growth for Europe’s most successful economy. To what extent can Britain’s Small Cap companies replicate the Mittlestand’s success and grow into the Mid Cap’s of tomorrow, benefitting both shareholders and the UK economy? This one hour live show will examine the challenges and provide a platform for discussion with analysts and company representatives.

Ed Mitchells Friday Magazine Show/Kick Back its Friday - Friday’s output will have a magazine style feel. We will kick back, slip on our metaphorical flip-flops and review the weekly financial magazines, have a look at the latest news from the world of technology, and Ed will select some of his favourite moments from that week’s Share Radio. Expect commentary from Ed Bowsher our resident Senior Analyst, alongside a special guest each week. With slots such as “Share Wireless” and “The Magazine Review”, ‘Ed Mitchell’s Friday Magazine Show’ will have a Thank Goodness It ‘s Friday feel to it.

Share Wireless: Our weekly science and technology slot with our intrepid presenter Ed Mitchell will bring you the latest tech news from the around the world and attempt to pinpoint the next big app/technological advancement/pharmaceutical advancement and the knock on effects of that on stock markets. We will showcase everything and anything, the weirder and more wonderful the better.

4-5 pm: The Week That Was/The Week Ahead - A look back at some of the highlights of the week, taking in both Share Radio programming highlights and important trends from the wider world around us. Ed Mitchell will lead us through these highlights with guests, and occasionally the Investor Perspectives team will join Ed in studio to offer an alternative view of The Week That Was. In the second half hour we welcome a regular guest from The Share Centre as we take our regular Friday look at The Week Ahead. Expect commentary on companies, markets and significant trends which matter for markets and investors.