5-6pm: Market Wrap - No show on radio or TV pulls together the business and market themes just after the markets close and this is a significant opportunity to fill an audience need.  

6-9pm:The Evening Show’ is our opportunity to highlight the workplace, economics and investment. We will have a regular nightly politics slot and talk entrepreneurship with live studio guests who run their own businesses. Not to mention Share Drama, our own specially commissioned arts show which takes an unorthodox look at Shakespeare, acting and the business of being the Bard.

Contact email for the Market Wrap/Evening Show: [email protected]  

6-7pm: ‘The World of Work

Simon will talk us through Money Puzzles, which will open his show. (Simon will explain to us what these are.) Likewise he will run a quiz each evening with a question similarly being posited at the top of his show and repeated throughout – with the answer coming at the end.

In ‘My Brilliant Career’ people explain to us what they do to earn a living. What does a research analyst do? Who better to explain than somebody actually doing the job. We know what a bank manager used to do, but what do they do today? Or an actuary, an insurance broker or a PR? One of our first guests is Oba Nsugbe, Britain’s first Nigerian QC. We will give advice on how to enter any given profession as well as to understand the job better.

Each week we will talk to entrepreneurs who runs their own business in the studio and hear their story. How did they get started, what was their worst day, their biggest mistake and the lessons they have learned, all direct from the horse's mouth. And of course we will ask how YOU can do it.

Each week we will include a 4 - 5 minute package to illustrate the business and give the interview greater depth. We will conduct some research as to what topics they most need help with – tax, accountancy, and human resources? We’ll get regular studio guests in the subsequent half hour to address these issues.

In ‘Share Work' we look at workplace issues with a panel of expert guests. Topics to be covered regularly include - commuting, pay, ‘Zero Hours’ contracts, housing, HR and how to write a great CV.


7-8pm: The Big Picture – where we pull back and take a wider view of events. The following programmes will play in this slot through the week.

Pensions have rarely been more topical as their spending power gets unleashed for the over-55’s in April. We look at retirement planning with pensions guru Ros Altman each week. Ros and our other experts will take calls, tweets and otherwise answer your burning retirement questions.

 ‘The Economistswith the Economic Research Council: we will help put the week’s economic stories in context. We might look at the latest trade figures or inflation numbers. What do they mean for us all? By debating the figures and contextualising, we hope to both educate and entertain so that the figures come to life next time they are encountered. (This includes the ERC's Chart of the Week). We keep the Economics Research Council Economist and pair them with a second Economic voice for a ‘Moral Maze’ type second half hour. We will debate the fundamental issues like: Should there be a minimum wage? Does inequality matter? Are universal benefits sustainable?

Companies & Markets: A weekly round up of companies and markets movers and shakers – what you might call the hot stocks and the hot dogs. We explore tales of investment magic and prime you with the information you need to invest more wisely. This programme will first be broadcast on Friday evening, again through the weekend, and finally on Monday.

Investment Clubs: Each week we speak to an investment club to talk about their investment approach, how they do their research and make investment decisions, as well as look at some of the practical issues that go into running a successful club. The show will feature an investment professional to answer some of the club’s questions.  

‘Talking Books’: Simon Rose will be joined by an author each week, and together they will discuss the subject matter of the book. We don’t review the book but use the book as a prism through which to discuss and debate the content.

The Westminster Bubble – Simon’s daily look at UK politics.

The Downside of Money - What can go wrong with our money? Simon will look at the scams and pitfalls that can befall us, and highlight the dangers. We will hear from fraud experts, IT gurus, academics, the Citizen’s Advice Bureau and Trading Standards Officers.

Gadgets & Gizmos - Technology used to be for nerds. Today it’s at the core of our lives. Simon will invite tech whiz and designer Steve Caplin into the studio to discuss everything from new releases to future technology. From IOS 8 to spaceports, we will examine everything we think is relevant today and in the future.

The Film Business - Simon has been reviewing films for perhaps half his life, so he knows a thing or two about the film industry. Don’t expect film reviews; do expect us to look at the business of film.

Murphy's London - Norman Murphy gives us the benefit of his London insider knowledge. He knows who did what to whom and where in London. In our short ‘Murphy’s London’ slot he will reveal (amongst other things) where PG Woodhouse found inspiration for many of the places and characters in the Bertie Wooster books.  

Share Drama - Share Radio’s Arts Show. In our first series of Share Drama we take a journey through Shakespeare’s plays and learn about the craft of acting. This fresh and original take on Shakespeare adds some light to the shade of all those items about pensions and insurance you have diligently listened to. Tell your friends and tune in each week or listen to the podcast.