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On weekends the channel is less driven by hard news and is deliberately more relaxed and entertaining. Share Radio’s new Sunday schedule kicks off at 6 am and at 7 we bring you the Best of Share Politics as Colin Bloom explains the latest Westminster shenanigans, followed by a brief and gentle look at stocks and shares before Rita Lobo brings you up to speed with what’s happening in the world.

At 9:00AM Nick Peters reads The Sunday Papers with high profile journalists like Jeff Prestridge, Jack Sommers and Ray Snoddy, entertaining and keeping us up to date with what’s happening in the world every Sunday morning. 

At 9.30 AM it’s Marketing Watch with Nick, our weekly round-up of what’s current in the world of media, advertising and PR from a marketing perspective. No one else does this as my old boss at the BBC was fond of saying. 

At 10:00AM it’s time to catch up with Linda Lewis and Company Casebook, where Linda  gets out and about the UK to meet both bosses and workers who make their business tick. Linda is a very experienced journalist who is looking for the human stories behind the business story, and she is expert at teasing out the who, why, where, what and when of business at the sharp end. 

Nick Peters is back at 11:00AM with Shop Floor, a wonderful high-quality hour spent in the workplace. Nick’s favourite subject is the world of work, and each week he explores four different topics. Past programmes have explored zero-hours contracts and auto-enrolment pensions, strange interview questions and the role of trade unions and management today. Shop Floor is sponsored by management consultants the International Development Group.

At 12 Noon we bring you a repeat of the hilarious Gadgets and Gizmos show which pitches the wonderful Steve Caplin our technology Editor against the wit of his old friend and colleague Simon Rose, followed by The Business of Film, where Simon, a professional film critic, discusses the latest film releases with James Cameron-Wilson.

At 2:00pm Rita Lobo presents The History of Booms, Busts and Bubbles, a look back at important economic crashes in history, and how they affected our lives. Rita tells the fascinating story of previous booms and examines to what extent they have each shaped our perception and understanding of financial bubbles today.

And at 4 PM we have Questions Of Faith, presented by Marc Shoffman and Rita Lobo, where they explore the relationship between faith and finance. Rita and Marc are joined in the studio each week by a panel of religious and secular guests to debate the hot issues of the day, from ethical investments to climate change and the refugee crisis.