Commentaries - Environment

A sensible and effective way to tackle climate change

If extreme weather events and hunger caused by severe drought trouble you, you need to know about the Transition Pathway Initiative: supported by investors with over $9 trillion worth of assets. It’s providing a way forward for tracking alignment with the transition to a global low carbon economy, thus identifying - and enabling shareholders to influence - those businesses which are unwilling to tackle climate change: the single most serious issue facing the world today.

After eight weeks of blistering UK temperatures, ending in widespread storms and flooding, this commentary guides you through a ground-breaking investment initiative and provides a link to its latest assessment.

Originally published 30/7/2018

Climate Change - turning the oil tanker round

Would that it were the case, that ‘the earth remains forever’. More than ever today, the actions of one generation impact on the next: Climate Change is perhaps the archetypal case of why we should love our neighbour of tomorrow, not just our neighbour of today.

There are some changes of direction of such huge magnitude that we resort to phrases like ‘turning round an oil tanker’. However it’s hard to think of anything of a scale to compare with the literal meaning of that phrase - to wean the world’s economy, and our individual lifestyles, off burning fossil fuels for energy.

Originally published 3/4/2018